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Laptop or computer Forensics Pay & Career Outlook

Computer & Software Experts

At some point in a particular case, you may be called on to give your opinion and expert testimony. A firm was brought in by the defense attorney to see if the claims being made by both sides could be verified. An examination of the computers proved that three of the four images were not child pornography.

CyberSecOp is an ISO Certification Organization – join thousands of businesses by putting your security in our hands. The State’s computer forensics experts will be expected to testify as to the dates and times that various files on the defendant’s computer were created, opened, deleted, and/or accessed. Examiner 2, who is a trained forensics examiner, also examines the hard drive from the client’s computer.

A computer forensics examiner is trained to work with specialized tools to perform recovery of data and to analyze that data in a forensic manner. What that means is that a computer forensics examiner is focused on the examination of recovered data from an evidentiary standpoint. The computer forensics examiner must be able to determine facts about the data, not just recover the data. Dr. George Edwards has more than a decade of experience as a scientist, engineer, and technical consultant to academic research labs, government agencies, and technology companies, and he has served as a software expert in various litigation contexts, including several patent infringement matters. Examiner 1, who is a computer support person with no forensics training, examines the hard drive, runs a file recovery software application against the hard drive, and recovers hundreds of deleted files. Then in his report, he states that because the computer had file-wiping software installed on the computer, he was not able to open all of the recovered files.

There are cases where an examiner’s role is to perform examinations for mitigation purposes where the evidence could be used for pre-sentencing hearings. In the case study “Pre-Sentence Mitigation in an Internet Predator Case,” the pre-sentencing computer forensic examination brought to light more than one mitigating factor in getting the sentence of a client who was more than 60 years old reduced from 25 years to 14 years. If the expert is needed to return to testify in court, the estimated travel cost would be $500.00. 1.The specific testimony from the State’s experts for which rebuttal is necessary. The development of one or more major multi-disciplinary research centers, following the model of Centre for Information Technology Research for the Interest of Society , is necessary to attract private funding and bring together experts from different academic departments and industry in a more integrated, multi-disciplinary research effort.

Beyond our service guarantee & 1-year in-house warranty, we carry $1M PP+E&O insurance to protect and secure our client’s devices & information – from disaster, theft, and beyond. If you’re unhappy with the outcome of one of our professional recommendations, we’ll re-do the work again/differently to ensure you are satisfied. Faster service, SECURITY software, and UNLIMITED SUPPORT & repairs – much wow. The reason we provide absolutely free estimates is that we always want your money to be spent on the right thing.

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